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OpenJDK についての思い

  1. Oracle put all JDK source codes on the OpenJDK repository.
  2. Oracle won't provide free JDK distribution in a future release. Oracle will provide only commercial binary distribution. It's built from source code in the OpenJDK repository.
  3. Some providers will build OpenJDK binary distribution from OpenJDK repository. AdoptOpenJDK, Zulu, and other providers will provide free binary distribution.
  4. Both 2. and 3. contains same features.

As a result, we can use free binary distribution.

(Of course, there's an OpenJDK rpm in CentOS' yum repo. You can use it.)

Created: 2018-06-27 11:49:51 +0900
Updated: 2018-06-27 11:49:51 +0900