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☆plenv☆ 〜 brand new perl5 installation management tool♪ 〜


I implemented brand new perl5 installation management tool named plenv.

from rbenv

plenv is inspired from rbenv, from ruby world. rbenv provides a missing feature in perlbrew, it can use .ruby-version file to manage project local perl module.

Use .perl-version!!

With plenv, when you put a .perl-version file to ~/dev/MyProj/.perl-version, you can use your required perl version under the ~/dev/MyProj/ directory!

It means, you can specify the perl version, project locally.

Fast bootstrapping!

plenv is very fast at .(ba|z)shrc. It only adds one path to $PATH.

Easy to install!

You can install plenv with three ways.


You can install homebrew to install plenv if you are using OSX!

% brew install plenv
% echo 'PATH=~/.plenv/shims/:$PATH' >> ~/.zshrc

install from git!

You can install plenv by git, too!

% git clone git:// ~/.plenv/
% echo 'PATH=~/.plenv/bin/:~/.plenv/shims/:$PATH' >> ~/.zshrc

install from CPAN

Of course, you can install plenv with CPAN(Not recommended, I uploaded to CPAN, but It's only for promotion)!

sudo -H cpan -i App::plenv


And, plenv is early stage project, patches welcome. Enjoy!