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Perl5 works on browser!

I hacked jslinux, so I injected Perl5 binary to jslinux!! You can run Perl5 on browser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Modify root.bin with CocProxy

This is a note for hacking jslinux. Very easy.

use microperl;

Perl5 provides micro version of perl. I used it.

You should modify the Makefile.micro file for static linking, change the following line.

-LIBS = -lm
+LIBS = -lm -static -march=i386

And run the command.

make -f Makefile.micro

And copy to the mounted root.bin!


  • RAM Disk limited on 4MiB.
  • Binary built on Ubuntu is not works, use Debian instead(I heard Feadore is broken, too.).
Created: 2011-05-19 04:35:39 UTC
Updated: 2011-05-19 04:35:39 UTC