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Capturing grafana dashboard and post it to LINE group using LINE Notify

I want to post a screenshot of the Grafana dashboard to LINE Notify.

Grafana distribution includes PhantomJS( Alerting feature uses PhantomJS. ).

Then, you can take a snapshot using curl command.

You need to rewrite Grafana dashboard URL. Insert /render prefix for your dashboard URL. For example, when your dashboard URL is, PhantomJS URL is

If you want to hide a header, add ?kiosk query parameter for the URL.

Grafana supports API keys and Basic Auth. With curl, you can call it like e.g. curl -u 'YOUR_EMAIL:YOUR_PASSWORD' GRAFANA_URL.

It's summarized as follows:

curl  -u 'YOUR_EMAIL:YOUR_PASSWORD' -o img.png

Post to LINE Notify

You can upload dashboard image to LINE Notify using curl command.

curl -X POST 
       -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN' 
       -F 'message=test' 
       -F 'imageFile=@img.jpg'

See for more details.


Created: 2018-01-05 23:19:48 +0900
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