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pageres から capture-website にしようと思ったが puppeteer にした

長年、pageres を利用して web page から画像を生成していた。 pageres の後継として capture-website があることを知った。

The biggest difference is that Pageres supports capturing multiple screenshots in a single call and it automatically generates the filenames and writes the files. Also, when projects are popular and mature, like Pageres, it becomes harder to make drastic changes. There are many things I would change in Pageres today, but I don't want to risk making lots of breaking changes for such a large userbase before I know whether it will work out or not. So this package is a rethink of how I would have made Pageres had I started it today. I plan to bring some things back to Pageres over time.

しかし、いろいろ試した結果、puppeteer を直接使っても大した差がないことがわかったので、使うのをやめて直接使うことにした。

Created: 2019-07-09 08:47:11 +0900
Updated: 2019-07-09 08:47:11 +0900